Each Way Betting

Grand National Eachway Bets

Grand National eachway betting is the second most popular Grand National Bet with an Online Bookmaker. As there are so many Grand National runners 40 in total the odds offered are very good and the chances of your selection winning are not that great, therefore a lot of people have an each way bet as this gives you the opportunity of winning should your horse come in the first four finishers.

This Grand National each way bet needs a little more explanation in that it is two bets. The first bet is the win part and the second part of the bet is the place element. Thus a Grand National each way bet is two bets. Let's say you back a horse for £50 each way and the horses odds are 10/1. If the horse win the Grand National you win £500 for your win bet plus your £50 stake back and 1/4 the of 10/1 which is the percentage used for the place part of the bet and so the returns of the place part of the bet is £125 plus your £50 stake back. In this example should your horse not win but finish either 2nd, 3rd or 4th then you will get a return on the place side of the bet only that being £125 plus your £50 stake back and you lose your win part of the bet.

As you can see from the Grand National Eachway bet is that you make a profit if your horse does not win but finishes in the first four and that is why a lot of people like this type of Grand National Bet. One other Grand National tip for you to consider when having this type of Grand National bet is that that for the Grand National some online bookmakers will do a Grand National special offer of first 5 home and as you can see this will improve your chances of winning.

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